Same Delicious Taste Lovely New Location

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Places To Go

By Teresa Brumback

A wholesome Mom and Pop store, with a big scoop of Americana thrown in for good measure-that's the deal at Red Fox Creamery, at about the mid-way point within the Old Town mall in downtown Winchester, Virginia.

Come In As A Customer, Leave As a Friend

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People To Know

Double T Homes in Berkeley Springs, WV

- Bonnie Williamson

Doing things the right way helps you maintain a good reputation and produce a quality product. Allen Truax of Double T Homes, Inc., in Berkeley Springs (WV), operates his business and his life by those words. "Reputation is everything," he believes.

The Purple Iris

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Featured Eats

Banquets, Weddings, & A Top-Notch Restaurant

By Debra Cornwell

Royalicious Bagel Bakery New York City Eats Arrive in the Panhandle

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The Unknown Eater

When Frank Sinatra sang "New York, New York," he encouraged attentive listeners to start "spreading the news." Well, at Royalicious Bagel Bakery in Charles Town, start spreading the cream cheese! This café/deli/bakery, which has only been open a few months, at 126 Patrick Way in the Walmart plaza, has brought a taste of New York City to the area.

Eastern Panhanlde Beekeepers Association

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Things To Do

By Rick Hemphill

A beehive is an unimpressive structure. Rising less than four feet, its squat linear design stands in stark contrast to the gentle curves of the natural environment that is so dependent upon the efforts of the sixty thousand or so inhabitants. Gently and quickly, a beekeeper in a white protective full-body suit, which more closely resembles a visiting alien, raises the cover to inspect the contents and marvel at the efforts of the all-female work crew—working steadily to create honey, store pollen, and most importantly, raise more bees.

Getting to Know Martinsburg’s Mayor George Karos

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People To Know

Patterson's Drug Store has been a recognized business in downtown Martinsburg for over eight-five years. The business is proudly owned by the city's well-respected mayor, George Karos. Customers can often find him sitting at one of Patterson's diner-style booths while he conducts business and makes things happen for city residents.

One Block West | Winchester, VA

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Featured Eats

Serving Sensational, Seasonal Cuisine

By Debra Cornwell

Habanero Mexican Grill - Worth the High Praise We Promise!

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The Unknown Eater

Let's talk Mexican food. What comes to mind? If you're like me, I think of the typical fare that graces many Mexican restaurants found in this country—a plate of enchiladas, tacos, or burritos, symmetrically aligned and all covered with some sort of unidentifiable sauce. There may be a bland side of rice and refried beans to accompany it, and you go home stuffed, but not necessarily satisfied.

A New Spin on Fitness, Fun, and Entertainment

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Things To Do

- By Bonnie Williamson

Hula hoops have been around for centuries. Yes, those plastic hoops that can be twirled around the waist, neck, or limbs have been part of the world's culture since about 500 B.C. They were traditionally made from willow, rattan, grapevines, and stiff grasses. Fast forward a bit: the lovable rings officially gained international popularity in the late 1950s, when a California company called Wham-O made the hoops out of Marlex plastic. You could say the idea caught on; the company sold more than twenty-five million hoops in less than four months.


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